The Xpress Active Leaning Method

Xpress College provides students a modern, dynamic approach to education filled with unique cultural experiences. The Xpress College team goes above and beyond to bring together the necessary components to help our students enjoy learning, appreciate the value of different cultures, and most importantly, to facilitate independence and personal growth.

Why Xpress College?

The benefits of learning a language through CULTURAL IMMERSION are far reaching. Years of research has shown it to benefit academic education, cognitive skill development, career opportunities, and cultural understanding Our students will interact with the Canadian culture and communicate with other English language speakers Through continuous exposure to the language and by regularly interacting with the society, we help students put your own life in perspective and creates more compassionate individuals, something that is essential in the world we live in today.

We believe that learning is best remembered when it is centered around student interest. By adhering to CREATION-BASED LEARNING, we encourage our students to engage with their own learning process from the very beginning and throughout. This active approach to learning ensures our students manipulate the curriculum, focussing on the content that truly interests them.

Xpress Active Teaching Method

A dynamic, student-focused environment that….
…integrates diverse personal skills
…promotes individual participation
…encourages commitment to studies

A strong, personal support system that….
…is offered by dedicated, experienced instructors
… is provided by enthusiastic, helpful staff
… is facilitated by friendly, knowledgeable administrators.