Student Life

Centrally located in Toronto, our campus is comprised of our student residence, cafeteria, academic facilities and backs onto a quiet conservation parkland.

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  • Classrooms
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Our Social Activities Coordinator organizes after-school activities fter lessons, allowing students to participate in new experiences which are culturally enriching. Many of the activities provide each student with an opportunity to be a part of the Toronto or Canadian culture. Each month a new calendar is created, including optional weekend activities and events. Our Social Activities Coordinator carefully plans and chooses activities and events each month, catering to all diverse interests.

Students can pick and choose which activities to attend or participate in. All students are highly recommended to participate, as they will be able to practice their communication skills that they have developed and also enjoy a fun, new experience.


Xpress College offers safe and comfortable residence rooms to over 30 students. The majority of the rooms are for double occupancy, but we also have single rooms available. Open during all holidays and school breaks, the Residence houses students from all over the world, creating a vibrant living environment.

Residence Staff;

Our Residence Staff is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that will further students’ development and enhance their academic potential. Residence Staff support student safety and well-being, and facilitate a dynamic campus life after school and on weekends.

Residence Life Program;

The Residence Life Program is mandatory for students under the age of 17 years old, and includes most of the weekend trips described above. During weekday evenings, students attend Study Hall Students may be mandated into supervised study sessions by parents or staff with the best interests in mind.


In addition to Residence accommodation, Xpress College offers Homestay, which allows students to live with a host family in Canada. Host families are located near the campus and are an ideal way for students to get acclimated to Canadian life. We place students with a host family based on hobbies and preferences to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling experience. All Homestay host families are required to go through a comprehensive screening process, including reference checks, personal interviews, home visits and a Police Records Check.